A vision in trust

Healing an institution
Ancient Greeks trusted their dreams. Citizens around the world trust their vision.

Erechtheion (detail of door frame)

Image: Erechtheion (detail of door frame)

Citizens in ancient Greece used their dreams to improve their health. They interpreted the symbolism of their dreams, seeking to unlock blockages for better living. Asclepius cured people by focusing on the body and soul: after ritual purification, patients slept in the avaton and, on waking up, worked on their dreams to heal themselves.

Today, we continue to want to understand ourselves in search of something better. We envisage free spaces, individually and collectively, to evolve in them. It is our inherent thirst for positive change that makes us form vision and be guided by it.

World Heritage is one of the best visions we’ve built together. Developing it has brought humanity to new premises of what makes this world a better, more meaningful place.

This is what restoring the physical integrity and meaning of heritage is about: sharing a global vision, carved in trust as a guide to something excellent.

The vision
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Reuniting the Sculptures