Acropolis Museum location

A stone’s throw from the monument
An exhibition in the right context

The Acropolis Museum seen from inside the Parthenon

Do you want to get an idea of where the Acropolis sculptures are housed in relation to the Acropolis? The construction of the Acropolis Museum represents an investment of 130 million euro and is the definitive exhibition hall for all the Acropolis sculptures together. Designed to link the exhibits with their archaeological context, the museum opened in 2009, giving visitors the opportunity to see artefacts in direct view of the monument. To see where the museum is in relation to the Acropolis please follow the link below.

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Google Earth placemark iconThe Acropolis Museum

You can also see where the statue of Athena Parthenos used to stand inside the Parthenon, and the spot where goddess Athena planted her olive tree as an gift to the ancient Athenians.

Google Earth placemark iconLocation of the statue of Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon

Google Earth placemark iconAthena’s olive tree on the Acropolis


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