World Heritage Day

Celebrate World Heritage Day
Share your artwork

World Heritage Day

Do you want to share your artwork that represents the Acropolis of Athens?

Please send an email to AcropolisofAthens [at] gmail [dot] com, which includes:

  • an attached .jpg file of a photo or scan of your own original artwork that was created by you and that represents the Acropolis of Athens
  • the words “World Heritage Day 2017” in the Subject line
  • your full name
  • a short message you may wish to accompany your artwork (please provide the precise message in quotation marks).

By sending a photo of your own original artwork to, you confirm that the original artwork was created by you, and you agree that may use/display your artwork on the website and social media accounts for the purpose of promoting  World Heritage Day. Your artwork will be displayed together with your full name to credit you as the artist, and, possibly, with your full or partial message.

Thank you for sharing your artwork!

To read more about World Heritage Day, please visit

April 18: World Heritage Day