Destination Acropolis

You may be only a few hours away from the definitive World Heritage monument
If you are in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East, you’re only a few hours away from the Acropolis. If you are in the Americas or the Far East, you have a top reason to fly to Europe.

The Acropolis from Lycabettos hill

Photograph courtesy of Marios Katsaros

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You can fly to Athens to the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. It offers direct flights to/from major cities around the world. Once there, you can then get on the metro, take a bus or rent a car to get to the heart of Athens.

The metro station for the Acropolis (for access to the Acropolis hill and the Acropolis Museum) is the Acropoli station on the red line. You can plan your journey using the Athens metro map. You can find more information about the operation of the metro on the official Athens metro website.

As soon as you find yourself in the city, you will realise that the Acropolis is one of the many exciting destinations waiting for you. It is hard to consolidate on one page information about a city as vibrant and rich in culture as Athens. To make the most of your trip, we recommend that you buy a guide book or search the web. A good start is the official City of Athens website.

If you like hot weather and bright sunshine, make sure you come to see the Acropolis in late spring, summer, or early autumn. For cooler temperatures, consider early spring or late autumn, although the monument looks stunning in bright sunlight. You can check the temperature in Athens (county of Attiki) at the Hellenic National Meteorological Service website.

Where to stay in Athens? The easiest way to arrange your accomodation is to contact your local holiday dealer or look up listings on the web. Ask for a room near the historic centre, although the majority of the areas are now served by the public transport network.

If your country’s currency is euro, you don’t need to worry about foreign exchange. If you come from America, you can easily remember that 1 euro is roughly 1 US dollar. To organise your trip, you might find a currency converter handy.

Above all, make sure you have sufficient time to also visit the city’s museums and other archaeological sites in the region. Wherever you are coming from, visiting Athens will undoubtedly be one of your unforgettable journeys in history and what has shaped Western civilisation.