About the blue Caryatid

Unity is the concept – told in marmor
A world vision through local heritage

Imagine its meaning restored

AcropolisofAthens.gr is an initiative that aims to support the reunification of the Acropolis sculptures in Athens. It was created and has been maintained voluntarily to promote cultural and natural heritage, and for the purpose of reuniting people through a unique, creative aim. The vision is an honest, peaceful world that evolves through culture.

All text and images of this website were composed with passion for the reunification of the Acropolis sculptures in the Acropolis Museum in Athens. The objective is to reunite all parts of the monument – sculptures and architectural members – in one meaningful set!

Keeping the pieces of a magnificent creation apart is simply wrong. We need to respect, preserve and restore monuments, physically and conceptually, as a means of education and bonding in the human society.

The reunification of the Acropolis sculptures is currently the ultimate act of art conservation awaiting action. The vision is to see educational institutions, in this case museums, stand for what they are meant to stand for; not ownership and prestige, but the integrity of art and culture on a global scale.

Welcome to AcropolisofAthens.gr!

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